Book Name course Author Name Quantity Bill No. /Name of Supplier
SST B.Ed. 210
Sanskrit Teaching B.Ed. 120
English Teaching B.Ed. 100
Phycho-Social Basic of Learning and Teaching B.Ed. 411
Educational Management and school organization B.Ed. 378
Hindi Teachin B.Ed. 169
Educational Technology and school organization B.Ed. 323
Educational and Emerging Indian Society B.Ed. 393
History Teaching B.Ed. 80
Civics Teaching B.Ed. 70
Geography Teaching B.Ed. 93
Gen. Science Teaching B.Ed. 80
Biology Teaching B.Ed. 63
Chemistry Teaching B.Ed. 40
Physics Teaching B.Ed. 55
Mathematics Teaching B.Ed. 45
Commerce Teaching B.Ed. 46
Book Keeping B.Ed. 53
Computer B.Ed. 215
Special Paper B.Ed. 472
Refrence Book (Other) B.Ed. 520
Childhood and Grawing up-I B.Ed. 27
Contemporary India and Education-II B.Ed. 29
Learining and Teaching- III B.Ed. 29
Language Across the curriculum-IV B.Ed. 28
Understanding disciplines and subject-V B.Ed. 26
Knowledge and Curriculum (Part-I) B.Ed. 28
Dram and art in education (EPC-2) B.Ed. 26
Hindi Sikshan B.Ed. 1

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